Become a member if you feel our promotion for a fair rate of trade & services will promote a better standard of living in your community. We at Citizens Against Unfair Financial Practices will pursue to maintain the objective in our mission statement.


Our Campaign


What is the overall purpose as a radio station?


Citizens Against Unfair Financial Practices (CAUFP) is a non-profit credit agency.  Our mission is simple, by providing credit educational services to consumers.   We can help them protect themselves against   credit predator lending tactics.  In furthering our goal, we will be launching “feed the cure not the illness” campaign. This event will include informal groups discussing credit issues consumers face,  music, food, arts, and local events coverage.


What message are we trying to send?


Consumers must become educated on all aspects of credit.  This includes contracts, interest rates, credit scores, and debt to income ratio. It is the only way they will be able to make logical financial decisions, and avoid falling victims to predator lending.


Do we have a goal?


Our focus for the 98.5 New Mix FM campaign will be to raise needed funds for operational expenses, equipment, and promotional expenses to maintain the campaign. We will provide oversight, and make public all funds raised, and expenditures. We will promote each fundraising activity through social media outlets and as well as on our Domain Site CAUFP.ORG.